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Ways to Search Twitter


Ways to Search Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites as of today and there are many desktop apps as well as websites to update your Twitter status. Now if you want to search Twitter for an update from an users, these desktop apps offers little help. In such cases there are many apps which helps users to search Twitter based on keyword or profile name. Here is a list of such free services to help you search Twitter.


1. Twitter Search– This the search provided by Twitter and it has pretty good options in the advanced menu. You can search based on words, people, location, date etc and does a good job in providing you with best results for search.

Twitter Search

2. TwitScoop: This is another Twitter search which provides you with options to search Twitter based on keywords, you can search multiple keywords at the same time with the tabbed interface.


3. Twellow: This is called the Yellow pages for Twitter and comes with a search page where you can get search results from Twitter.


4. Twazzup: This is a very nice and useful Twitter search engine with extensive and real time results (see image below). You can profile details when you hover on any profile links.


Apart from these, there are other services like Tweefind, Twitter search Firefox Extension, or you can even use Bing to search Twitter.

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