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Hotmail Email Aliases

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Hotmail Email Aliases

Hotmail has introduced a new feature called Email aliasing which is already available in Gmail. But with Hotmail’s new email aliasing there is much more than adding a symbol to your email ID. Aliases are alternative email ID which can be send and received from the primary account. For example, if your email ID is, you can create aliases like using the symbol ‘+’ to separate out emails related to Internet. Email sent to all these aliases are delivered to your primary account.


Apart from adding ‘+’ to create aliases, Hotmail also lets you create completely different email addresses that you can use to receive email into your primary account without anyone knowing what your primary email address is.  For example, if your email is, you can use to send and receive from the primary account.

How to Create Email Aliases:

To start creating an Alias, open this page, log in to your Hotmail account. You can create an alias using or account.

Create Aliases

Click Create an alias button and Hotmail will check if the email ID is already existing or not. If the ID is not taken, you will see the confirmation and will ask you to create a new folder for this ID or use the inbox.

Finish Email Aliases

You can add up to five aliases per year to your Hotmail account, up to fifteen aliases in total. This is a very useful feature for all Hotmail users. More details available here.

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