Tablet PC or Laptops?

Over the past year, tablet PCs has really come into play. A tablet PC is a portable personal computer equipped with a touchscreen as a primary input device and designed to be operated and owned by an individual. One might consider it as a best invention, someone else might not like it and consider it to be just a waste of technology. When we compare tablet PCs with laptops, both of them have almost similar functions with minor differences. We get same kind of applications and same kind of features on both.

Well we all want to know whether tablet PCs are better than laptops or laptops still remain number one. The answer to that questions is both Yes and No. It has both advantages and disadvantages over laptops. With this article, we will be reviewing advantages and disadvantages of the tablet PCs over laptops.

Advantages of tablet PC

The first thing we going to start up with is portability. Now the Tablet is significantly smaller and lighter in weight than laptop. You can take them quite easily wherever you go.


The tablet PCs has onscreen touch keyboard. The touch of the screen is very sensitive which makes it more enjoyable to use. Many tablet PCs even have a digital pen and stylus for further use. Some users find it easy to use a stylus, pen or finger rather than mouse or touch pad. This might be very useful for artists and graphic designers.


The tablet PC can be laid flat on the working surface. This is ideal when you are in a conference. The laptop screen needs to be kept vertical and that might obstruct clear view of the person sitting in front of you. It even comes with a kickstand in case you want to place it on a table and use it.

It also consumes less power as compared to laptops, so ideal for travels and conferences.

Disadvantages of tablet PC

Higher cost – the cost of tablet PCs is very high when compared to laptops with better specifications.  Some people might find difficult to work on the small screen of the tablet PC as compared to larger screen size of the laptops.

Another disadvantage of tablet PC is that it does not have inbuilt optical drive (but you can connect it externally if you need, but then its an additional investment).  Laptops have more ports than tablet PC, so more hardware can be connected to it.



For long e-mails, letters and documents, it is very difficult to write using onscreen keyboard and in this case traditional keyboards are preferred over onscreen keyboards of tablet PCs. There are more chances of screen damage to tablet PCs than to laptops. This is because of the kind of input they take, with the pen device. You will need a special screen guard for the tablet PC installed when you purchase it.

Tablet PCs vs Laptops – The final word

After evaluating the advantages and disadvantages, you can make your choice. It depends on what you really need to have. Both technologies of tablet and laptop are brilliant. Tablet PCs are amazing for internet browsing and checking emails on a go. But for making advanced applications, this can be done only on laptops.

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  1. Well on the whole laptop is much preferred than tablet pc when it comes on specifications, performance and comfortability level…

  2. Well from a web designer point of view its better to have a laptop rather having a tablet pc..

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