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Import Delicious Bookmarks into WordPress as Links or Posts


Import Delicious Bookmarks into WordPress as Links or Posts

There were initial rumours that Delicious was going to shutdown and Yahoo was not in a position to maintain it. Delicious has clarified that they wont be shutting down the service completely. In case you have lots of bookmarks saved, you can export or back up your browser. Another solution is to import all the delicious bookmarks into WordPress as links or Posts for later use. Delicious XML Importer is a WordPress plugin which allows you to import your Delicious bookmarks to WordPress blog.

Import Bookmarks

Once installed, you can access the plugin from Tools-> Import-> Delicious. For importing, you first need to get the XML copy of your bookmarks from Delicious. If you had created Delicious account before Yahoo! acquired it, you can use this link. If you created account after Yahoo’s acquisition of  Delicious, you can get the XML file from here.

If you are importing the bookmarks as posts, then you can select the Delicious tags as categories or tags in WordPress.

Delicious XML Importer is very simple an useful plugin if you have a WordPress blog.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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