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Windows Phone 7 Series has a very unique and user friendly interface. If you liked the Windows Phone 7 series UI, now you can get the same UI on Windows 7 as well. Deviantart user has created this stunning theme called Omnimo UI for Windows, which runs on top of the popular desktop program Rainmeter. You need to install Rainmeter before using this skin, but if you like the Windows Phone 7 Series UI, then this theme is worth trying. Once you have Rainmeter installed, download this theme and then run the Rainstaller file.


Launch the program and you can see the desktop converter to different panel similar to Windows phone UI.


It shows most of the application needed on including feeds and twitter stream. You can click the + symbol on the top to add more widgets to desktop.

Gallery Omnimo

It comes with 30 interactive panels and 29 skins to chose from. You can also create your own custom layout. Omnimo is really worth skin to try out for Rainmeter.

Download Omnimo

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