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Windows 7 Gets 59 New Language Interface Packs (LIPs)

Windows 7

Windows 7 Gets 59 New Language Interface Packs (LIPs)

Windows 7 is already a big hit since its release it October 2009. Today Microsoft has released 59 new Language Interface Packs (LIPs) for Windows 7 and Office 2010. Language Interface Packs are different from the 35 Language Packs available today with Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate. Language Interface Packs are free-of-charge and only translates around 400,000 terms. They can also be used on any edition of Windows 7.


Beyond providing fully localized versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office in nearly 40 languages, Microsoft currently supports 95 languages through the LLP. More than 1 billion people speak the languages that are supported by this program. These packs would be available in the coming months.

Apart from announcing the new LIPs for Windows 7, Microsoft will also be providing customers with new Caption Language Interface Packs. Customers will be able to leverage a CLIP as a tool tip. CLIPS will make it possible for the software’s interface to show terms in a specified language, but also keep the base language in place, whether it is a LIP or a fully localized version.

With the CLIP, a tool tip is displayed that shows the term in the specified language, but allows for the base language (which can be a LIP or a fully localized version) to show through, allowing for a smooth transition between languages and greater computer literacy in multiple languages.

More information on the LLP is available at here.


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