Chrome Privacy Protector for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the emerging web browsers which claims to be faster than other browsers. Google Chrome has lots of features which makes it safe and fast web browser. Google Chrome is using a client_id variable which is unique for every Chrome user, and which can be used to create exact user profiles of a user’s actions while using Google Chrome. Chrome Privacy Protector is a free tool that automatically deletes the unique Client ID before each run of Google Chrome.


The client ID is used for the user metrics service. This is an opt-in service that lets users send usage statistics to Google which is being used for the sake of making improvements.

When you run the application, it detects whether Chrome is installed on your PC and it also displays the unique ID. You can remove the unique ID by using the button available.

To protect your privacy and remove the unique ID from your computer, launch Chrome Privacy Protector, and then close all Google Chrome windows.

Download Chrome Privacy Protector

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  1. Waiting for an extension for this. It´s surprising how Google doesn´t even provide an opt-out option or some other simply security features that every brwoser should have! , like deleting your history when closing ¬¬

  2. Anyway I dont plan to move to Chrome, but problem is some people use it… :S

  3. It’s interesting that using either Firefox or IE 7, this entry won’t show up in my Google Reader feed. The reader says there’s an unread entry but refuses to display it. Anyone else having or reporting such a strange thing . . . ?

  4. Hey what an coincidence I too have written the same post on my site…….. 🙂

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