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Embed Flickr Slideshows on your Blog


Embed Flickr Slideshows on your Blog

If you have a good collection of photos on Flickr, you can show them as slideshows on your blog. flickrSLiDR is a simple service which allows you to easily embed the classic Flickr slideshows on your website or blog. All you need to do is enter the Flickr URL address of the user, photo set or group you would like to embed along with some options. You’ll receive the HTML embed code which you can use on your blog or website. These photos can be of any Flickr users who has displayed photos public.

Flickr Slideshows

You just need to enter the URL or the photos or sets, optionally you can enter tags for users and groups. You can set the slideshow height and width so as to fit into the blog sidebar.

FlickrSlider is a simple and yet useful service to show your Flickr photos.

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1 Comment

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