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Recently we had written about an online service Splicd which helps to cut YouTube videos. Here is a similar service called TubeChop that lets people to chop and embed portions of YouTube videos. The idea is similar to splicd but it has more features.


Enter the YouTube URL and search for the video and once the search is completed, you can select the video and using the slider set the portion of video you want to chop. You can also embed the


  • Flash interface (to chop segments from YouTube videos while they play)
  • Custom embeddable players
  • Easily locate videos by entering direct YouTube URL or search on site.

TubeChop Home Page

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  1. Wow, very perfect for posting videos on your blog.

  2. I highly recommend Allavsoft which is a professional tubechop Downlaoder. It can batch download tubechop with subtitles .

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