Improve the Quality of Videos Online with FixMyMovie

FixMyMovie is a free web application which allows you to improve the quality of video clips online. You will only need to upload the clip to FixMyMovie and correction is done automatically and you can download the improved video. FixMyMovie automatically cleans your movies with the MotionDSP’s advanced video technology.

Fix My Movie

FixMyMovie can increase your movie resolution up to 4X bringing more details out. One the movie is uploaded, you can pause it and take a screen capture at any time.

Features of FixMyMovie;

  • Increase resolution by adding more pixels
  • Brighten up dark clips
  • Capture photos from any video
  • Accept videos up to 640×480 and 100 MB size.

FixMyMovie Home Page

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  1. This is a good tool, i write about it some time back

  2. Yup this one is the best tool to improve the quality of the movie. Used so many times 🙂

  3. I tried it and the result was good

  4. I have not used it yet…from the comments it looks like a good tool…but the only drawback is we have to upload and download…A desktop version would have been ideal…but obviously it would not make any business sense for them…

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