Viber Comes to Windows and Mac


Viber is a cross platform VOIP service which is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Viber has now expanded from mobile OS and now available for desktop OS including Windows and Mac. You can now download and install ...

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4 Awesome Android Tablets for Gaming


Tablets have been gaining popularity since the release of iPad back in 2010. Although iPad dominates the tablet segment, Android tablets have been gaining in popularity and might soon outsell the iPad. While Apple has iPad and iPad Mini, Android ...

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Custom WordPress Installation with WPRoller


WordPress is currently the most popular platform for blogging used by millions of blogs and websites around the world. WordPress also offers high customization options either in the form of plugins or you can even do it manually. Also there ...

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Outlook 2013 in Metered Connection


Windows 8 has been made for tablet devices as well apart from normal desktops, laptops and ultrabooks. There are quite a lot of settings available for tablet use. We had previously covered about metered connections and air plane mode in ...

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