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5 Hotmail Desktop Notifiers


It is always nice to have desktop notifiers for email as they notify of of new email without you having to open the email account using your web browser. Although the most common way to open Hotmail would be to ...

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How to Backup/ Export Delicious Bookmarks


With many reports stating that the popular bookmarking service Delicious (owned by Yahoo!), is closing down, people who have used the service for long time now might have hundreds of saved bookmarks. If you looking to move out of Delicious, ...

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Secure Hotmail Login with SSL


Hotmail has been continuously adding more features to its webmail and as a part of security, recently it had added the option to add mobile number as well as trusted PC to retrieve password. Now Hotmail has added support for ...

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Windows Phone 7 Style Business Cards


Windows Phone 7 created a new buzz with its metro UI style which was later adopted in many applications. Vangos Pterneas from StudentGuru has created a new business card inspired by the Windows Phone 7 UI. The business card comes ...

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Secure your Windows Live Hotmail Account


Windows Live Hotmail is the most popular web email service provider which even got better with the release of new version. Now, the Windows Live team has added more security features to Hotmail to protect your account from hijackers and ...

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How to Test your Computer’s Video (Graphics) Card


The video card, often referred to as the graphics card, has become an increasingly important component within the modern day computer workstation. Its principle purpose is to manipulate graphical information and relay all the pertinent information to your monitor. Regrettably, ...

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