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Qualcomm Snapdragon 215- 10 New Features to Look for


Qualcomm Snapdragon 215- 10 New Features to Look for

Qualcomm has announced the new entry-level chipset, the new Snapdragon 215 which will be powering the more affordable smartphones in the sub $100 price segment. This new processor will be powering a lot of new budget smartphones in India and other emerging markets. Qualcomm 215 Mobile Platform is the first 2-series processor to feature a 64-bit CPU, dual camera support, and a host of new features available for the first time in the 2 series. It also comes with 10 new technologies Here is the list of Snapdragon 215 features to look for.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 215

Snapdragon 215 Features:

1. 64-Bit CPU:

Qualcomm 215 has a new 64-bit CPU architecture which delivers a massive boost in CPU performance when compared to the previous generation of processors in the 2 series. It offers up to 50% faster performance compared to previous models. It works both on Android Go and regular Android editions.

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2. First Dual ISP:

The Snapdragon 215 is also the first processor in the 2 series to come with support for dual cameras. It supports dual cameras, one of the which is primary and the second one is a depth-sensing camera. It also supports optical zoom.

3. 13MP Support:

The Snapdragon 215 also has support upto 13MP in resolution in the rear camera.

4. Full HD video support:

Snapdragon 215 also has support for Full HD video recording which is again first for the 2 series.

Screenshot (208)

5. It also supports HD+ resolution for display and the maximum resolution supported is 1560 x 720 and a 19.5 x 9 modern aspect ratio.

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6. Qualcomm 215 is the first 2-series platform that supports dual SIM with dual VoLTE. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about using 2 SIM cards with 4G.

7. Snapdragon 215 platform also has support for HD video calls, so you don’t have to worry about issues with call quality.

Screenshot (209)

8. Qualcomm 215 is the first in the 2-series to feature Hexagon DSP which supports low power audio and sensor processing. One of the benefits of this new architecture is 5+ days of music on your phone.

9. Snapdragon 215 is also the first in 2 series to support WiFi 802.11ac
for fast connectivity.

10. Snapdragon 215 also has support for NFC for faster payments.

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