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Set up an Out of Office Reply on Twitter


Set up an Out of Office Reply on Twitter

When we are out on a vacation, most of us configure out of office automated replies on your email service provider. Now what if someone replies to your Twitter account when you are not connected to Internet on your vacation? Here is the best solution, Out of Office reply for Twitter. OOOTwitter is a new web app which can configure out of office replies on your Twitter account.

You can set this to few hours or longer period based on the time you set when you configure.


You have to connect the app with your Twitter account for which you want to set up out of office reply. In the next step you need to assign the start time and date along with end time and date. You can also configure the reply message. You can create multiple out of office replies for your account.

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Once you have set this, if anyone mentions you on Twitter, you can see the web app will sent out an automated reply with your message. You cans see it in action in the tweet below.

Test tweet

As of now the replies are available only for mentions and does not support direct message. The reply is posted after a couple of minutes and not instantly. The app works very well, without any issues.

Via Product Hunt

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