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Tech Armor ActivePower 6000mAh Power Bank Review

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Tech Armor ActivePower 6000mAh Power Bank Review

With battery still being one of the biggest issues on smartphones, Power banks have become an essential part of our lives. Power banks come in different sizes and capacities depending on your needs and provide you with additional battery life for your smartphones and they mostly come handy when you are traveling.

Tech Armor has been a well-known company in accessories for smartphones and they have different capacity power banks varying from 3000 to 20000mAh. Today, we take a detailed look into the Tech Armor ActivePower 6000mAh Power Bank.


The retail packaging for the Tech Armor ActivePower is a solid box, comprising of a manual, microUSB cable as well as the power bank itself. The cable itself if pretty good quality and has almost 2 feet length. This can be used to charge the power bank or charge smartphones supporting micro USB cable.

Tech Armor’s 6000mAh power bank is compatible with smartphones, tablets, GPS, Bluetooth Speakers, gaming devices, Bluetooth Earbuds, and much more. So basically, you can use it to charge most gadgets.

Design and Build:

Design wise the power bank looks extremely compact and can be easily pocketed. The case is contoured and does not have any sharp edges and hence feels good in hands. Although it is made of plastic material, it looks good and has a textured surface which feels good and gives it a premium touch.


On the top panel you have the two USB slots, one is black in color and has upto 1.3A capacity while the second one has blue color and has a maximum output of up to 2.1A. On the top you have 4 LED indicators, each representing about 25% of charge. One one side there is the micro USB charging port for charging the power bank and on the other side, there is a button to switch on the flash light. The flash light is located between the two USB ports. If you press the button once, it shows the balance charge available and if you press and hold, it switches on the flash light.


We tested the power bank multiple times with two smartphones with capacity almost 3000mAh+. In most of the instances, we could charge one smartphone to 100%, while the other to almost 75%, which means if you have smaller capacity battery on your phone, you can charge two smartphones easily.

The LED flash light also works pretty well, although the brightness of the flash light was low to our liking. But having said that it does come handy. It can charge smartphones and also tablets based on the battery capacity of each device. If you use just one smartphone, this power bank is more than enough for a day or two travel needs.



Overall, the Tech Armor ActivePower 6000mAh Power Bank is a good product priced at $24.95 and comes with 2 years warranty. If you are looking for a sleek power bank with great performance along with stylish and premium looks, Tech Armor ActivePower won’t disappoint you.

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