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5 Best Android 6.0 Marshmallow Style Launcher


5 Best Android 6.0 Marshmallow Style Launcher

Back in August Google announced the latest version of Android, the Android 6.0 or called as Marshmallow. The OS is now released and available on Nexus devices. One of the important features of this version apart from the new platform features like fingerprint support and Doze power saving mode, is the new permissions model that streamlines the app install and update process.

While there aren’t any major changes to the UI, there are smaller changes in the launcher and app drawer. So if you are looking to get the latest Marshmallow style launcher, here are some of the best launcher apps which provide you with Marshmallow experience.


1. Marshmallow Launcher:

As the name indicates, this launcher gets you to look and feel and some of the features of Android Marshmallow launcher. There are a good number of customizations included in this launcher and it also comes with the ability to hide apps. This app is built around the Google launcher, so it is pretty stable and does not have issues.

Android M launcherAndroid M launcher1Android M launcher2

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2. M M Launcher:

MM Launcher is a modern and highly customizable Android M style launcher. MM Launcher brings you the latest Android M launcher experience, native, yet with huge enhancement. There are lots of customization options included in the launcher along with quick toggles and more. It supports Android M style app drawer: vertical style, suggestion apps, quick a-z sidebar, app locating animation, etc

You can edit the styles and create a new desktop using the launcher.

Android MAndroid M1

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3. KK Launcher:

K K Launcher is yet another hugely popular launcher which came up with Android Lollipop style launcher and now they have updated the app to support Marshmallow. It brings you the latest Android experience: Android M card style drawer and animation, etc. It comes with wallpaper scrolling, transition effects, icons and more. You can also use gestures using the launcher and it also features the ability to hide apps.

K K launchreK K launchre1

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4. Material Launcher:

Material Launcher is an Android M/6.0 style launcher, it is fast and light weight with a full material design. It brings in the Android M style drawer and animations to your phone.


5. Marshmallow 6.0 Launcher:

Marshmallow Launcher is a home screen replacement based on Android 6.0/ M theme. Marshmallow Launcher provides Android 6.0/ M like user experience to devices with extra features. It also comes with swipe gestures and animations.

Android Marshmallow launcher

So these are some of the best available launcher apps which bring you the Marshmallow style launcher and home screen for your Android phone.

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