Google is testing out a new login page for Google Accounts and Gmail. This comes after Gmail was redesigned with a fresh new theme and also preview pane. The new login page is very much similar to the new look of Gmail. The new design is not yet rolled out completely, but few users have already got the new login page. The new login page should feel familiar if you’ve visited a Google websites recently, including Google Search. You can try out the new page at

The easiest way to login to Gmail is to use the URL-, you can also use the url to login to your Gmail account. If you still face issues while signing into Gmail, you can visit this page and get details on how to recover your password or login ID and successfully log into Gmail.

You can also Gmail sign in page to log in to multiple accounts and switch them easily from the account settings. This means you can open multiple instances of Google account from the same browser window.

gmail login

Image: Gmail Login Page

Google account login

Image: Google Account Login page.

More details on the new design available on the Google help page. Overall the new design looks fresher and has more white space around.