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Export your Google Reader Subscriptions with Google Takeout


Export your Google Reader Subscriptions with Google Takeout

Few days back Google announced that they would be shutting down Google Reader service and it will not be available from July 1st 2013. This is a bad move since lot of users still depend on Google reader to view the RSS feeds they have subscribed to. We have already covered the best alternatives available for Google Reader. Now when you want to move to another service for RSS feeds, you might want to get hold of all your subscriptions from Google Reader.

Google Takeout offers exporting all Google Reader items. To export, open Google Takeout ( Here you can either select all the services for takeout or select the ones you wish to include in takeout.

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Take out

If you choose the services, click on Reader link at the bottom and takeout will check for files and its size. Once this is complete, you can create the archive.

download takeout

You will be provided with a download link for your Google reader archive. You can use this archive to import it into another RSS reader.

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