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How Big is Android Ecosystem?


How Big is Android Ecosystem?

Ever since Google launched the first smartphone running the first version of Android, it has grown considerably. Today we have multiple high end smartphones and tablets running Android and it takes on iOS directly. Every month millions of handsets are activated running Android. We all know that Google’s Android OS is big as it accounts for more than 42% of the all computing devices globally and this number is pretty huge.

Royal Pingdom blog has created an analysis from the Internet data to find out how big is Android ecosystem when compared to the competition. Here are some data from the analysis.

Web Traffic:

When you see the smartphone web traffic, you will probably notice that Android is the only OS which has grown in the past 4 years. While Symbian has had a major downfall in 2012, iOS also hasn’t has considerable increase, in fact it is down from its 35% share to current 28% or so. Currently the Android share of web traffic stands at 37% and the growth is expected to continue.

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Web traffic

Market Share:

Android accounts to almost 52% of the phones in US, while in South Korea (Samsung’s home land), Android accounts to almost 90%, which means even iPhone hasn’t been able to make in roads. In another big market, China it accounts to almost 67%. So if you take most of the major smartphone markets, Android dominates.

The growth of Android has been phenomenal. While, out of the 130 million smartphones shipped in Q4 2011, Android accounted for 77.1 million (51%), the figures are more impressive in Q4 2012. Out of the 208 million smartphones shipped in Q4 2012, Android accounted for 144 million, almost 70%. In the same period shipments of iOS increased by about 23%.

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In iOS, there is only Apple which makes phone, but for Android there are slew of manufacturers including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG etc. Even here Android dominates, out of the 713 million smartphones manufactured, Samsung alone accounted for 228 million (of while almost 90% are Android) while Apple managed only 145 million.

Coming to the smartphone market share Android is a clear winner, from a 43% share in December 2011, Android has claimed to 65% by the end of 2012, while iOS is stable at 20%.


So its only growth and growth for Android and there has not been a single year where Android showed signs of coming down. Since iOS has been more or less consistent with the market share, we need wait and see if BlackBerry 10 or Windows Phone 8 will be able to take up something from Android share!

Img Credits: Pingdom Blog

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