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List of Things to Scan with your NFC Phone


List of Things to Scan with your NFC Phone

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters. Present and anticipated applications include contactless transactions, data exchange, and simplified setup of more complex communications. NFC has been gaining popularity with new high end smartphones getting this feature.

In case you have a Windows Phone or an Android phone which has NFC, what are the places or things you can use NFC? Over the XDA developers forum, a member has compiled a list of things you can scan with your NFC enabled cards as now. This list may not contain all the places and things, but still get an idea on where all you can use NFC. Related Reading: 5 Top NFC Apps for Windows Phone 8


Credit Cards
  • American Express Blue Cards
  • Barclaycard
  • Chase Credit Cards
  • MasterCard PayPass
  • Visa payWave Cards

ID Cards

  • Bournemouth University Student ID
  • New York State Enhanced Drivers Licence
  • Stenden University Student ID
  • Twente University Student ID
  • UK Press ID Card (Police Issued ID Cards for UK Media)
  • Uppsala University Access Card
  • US Military/ DoD CAC Identification Cards


  • Austrian Passports
  • Brazilian Passports (Issued After January 2012)
  • Bulgarian Passports
  • Croatian Passports
  • Dutch Passports
  • German Passports
  • Greek Passports
  • Italian Passports
  • Polish Passports
  • Romanian Passports
  • Swedish Passports
  • UK Passports
  • US Passports (Pin Required)

Public Transit

  • Bip! Chilean Public Transport Card
  • Boston MBTA Charliecard
  • Bournemouth University Bus Card
  • Breeze card
  • Brescia Omnibus Card
  • Chennai (India) MRTS Railway Smart Card
  • Clipper Card
  • Croatian ZET Tram Card
  • Danish Public Transport “Rejsekort” Card
  • Delhi Metro (India) Travel Token/Card
  • Dutch Transit Card “Ov-Chipkaart”
  • Finnish HSL Bus/ Train card
  • German Monthly Bus Tickets
  • Go-To Card
  • Hong Kong “Octopus”Value Cards
  • IAmsterdam City Card
  • IETT – Istanbul Public Transportation Limited Pass Cards
  • Israeli Transportation Card – Rav Kav
  • London Underground Oyster Cards
  • Melbourne Australia’s Public Transport Myki Card
  • MetroQ Card
  • Mobilis Transport Card
  • Moscow Metro Ticket
  • ORCA Card
  • Pamplona Bicycle Cards
  • San Diego Compass Cards
  • Slovenian Koratur Transit Cards
  • SUBE Argentinian Public Transportation Card
  • Swedish Sk√•netrafikens “jojo” Card
  • Torino Bicycle Cards
  • Velopass City Bikes Card
  • Verona City Bike Sharing Card
  • Zonguldak-Kozlu Public Transportation Card

Rewards/Members Cards

  • Circle K Polar Pop Rewards Card
  • Forwards Rewards – Gas Reward Card
  • Mcfit Membercard


  • Edmonton Public Library Books
  • Italian Health Insurance Card
  • Les Champs Libres: Library Books in Rennes, France
  • PayPal Security Key
  • PolyLAN Lan Party Card
  • Technika 3 Card
  • Verona Library Card
  • Young Ticket Plus

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