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Storm is an Awesome Weather app for Windows 8/ RT

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Storm is an Awesome Weather app for Windows 8/ RT

Many parts of the world have climates which are completely unpredictable and hence there are many apps available to check weather on your mobile devices. Now if you use a Windows 8 /RT tablet or desktop, you can try Storm weather app. Storm is an amazing freeware app which provides fresh forecasts for the entire world, you have over 8 million locations to choose from. The forecasts are 15 days ahead and give you all the details, hour by hour.

Storm has an intuitive user interface which is simple and fast. You can also check the weather on an interactive map.


Storm is created by StormGeo, the world’s largest private meteorological institute. Most weather apps provide weather forecast for 1 week or so, but with Storm you get for next 15 days.

Storm for Windows 8

Radar shows you where precipitation has fallen in the last hour, and you can see how the cloud cover, precipitation and temperature will evolve in time. Your locations can be saved as tiles on the home screen. It shows places with forecasts one hour ahead.



  • 15 day forecast for over 8 million locations worldwide.
  • You can save your locations as tiles. The tiles appear along with forecasts one hour ahead, and is the shortcut to the full 15-days notice.
  • Daily Overview 15 days ahead, detailed hour-by-hour forecasts 72 hours ahead, and six-hour forecasts in the last 12 days.
  • Weather maps with radar which shows where precipitation has fallen in the last six hours.
  • You can choose to display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Storm is ad supported and you can also buy an ad free version.

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