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Import Photos from Instagram to Flickr with Flickstagram


Import Photos from Instagram to Flickr with Flickstagram

Instagram has been the point of discussion for past few days, but for wrong reasons as they changed their privacy policy. The new policy didn’t go well with users and this prompted Instagram to change their new policy. Now with this new development some of the users have shifted to Flickr as the new Flickr app for iPhone is also offering filters. Apart from this Flickr is offering three month pro account for free. We have covered about a service, FreeThePhotos, which imports Instagram photos to Flickr. Flickstagram is yet another free web app which will import all your Instagram photos directly to Flickr in a new set called “Instagram Photos”.

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instagram to flickr

To get started, you need to log into your Instagram account and then your Flickr account and then choose the photo privacy. Now hit the Go button and all the photos will be imported from Instagram to Flickr.

The imported Flickr photos will include:

  • The caption from Instagram
  • Any hashtags will be added as Flickr tags
  • Location data if present
  • Original photo date is preserved
  • All Instagram comments will be imported as well!
  • If you don’t have a Flickr Pro account, only your first 1,500 photos will be imported.
  • If you have never set your location preferences in Flickr, geo data will not be imported

Try Flickstagram. Thanks Caschys

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