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Migrate your Photos from Instagram to Flickr


Migrate your Photos from Instagram to Flickr

Instagram is one of the popular image share services with apps available for iOS and Android. But recently Instagram updated their TOS mentioning that the photos uploaded will be a property of Instagram and they have the rights to sell it. Although Instagram later wrote a blog post clarifying that the photos will not be sold, this hasn’t gone well with many users. Now if you are looking to move your photos and close down your Instagram account, you can try the free service Freethephotos. This website allows you to migrate your photos from Instagram to Flickr. You just need to connect both the accounts to the service.

Migrate from Instagram to Flickr

For organization purposes, the service upload all photos into a “Set” titled “Instagram.” You can rename this later by logging into your Flickr account. There is a restriction on free Flickr account, so Free Flickr accounts can only receive 300mb of data per month. Due to this limitation, the service will only migrate your last 10,000 photos for now.

You can get alerted when the migration is complete.

The service does not store any of your photos, but just migrates them to Flickr.

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1 Comment

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