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Office 2013 Style Theme for Windows 8 RTM

Windows 8

Office 2013 Style Theme for Windows 8 RTM

Windows 8 is finally releasing on October 26th and comes with lots of new features, at the same time a new version of Office suite is also being released early next year. Office 2013 is the latest version to be in RTM stage and will be available early next year. Office 2013 comes with a totally new UI, although there is ribbon and other feature carried over from older version.

If you liked the new Office 2013 theme and looks, here is a neat theme for Windows 8 RTM- TwentyThirteen. This theme brings the look and feel of Office 2013 to Windows 8 RTM.

Office 2013 theme

To install the theme, you need to patch your system files. you can download the tool to patch files from here- [link] if you’re on 64 bit or [link] if you’re on 32 bit and patch your uxstyle dll.

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Once you have patched download this style and extract it to %WINDIR%\Resources\Themes. Finally right click your desktop, go to ‘Properties’ and select ‘TwentyThirteen’ as your theme.

Download TwentyThirteen Theme

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