Google Reader is one of the best services for reading your feed subscriptions, but the main issue with Google Reader is that only a web version is available and Google does not provide a desktop version. While there are many free desktop readers available, Flux has released a new Windows 8 app for Google Reader. Flux already has an awesome app for Google Reader on Windows Phone.

Flux is a smart, modern and elegant Google Reader app for the best RSS reading experience on Windows 8. The app is optimized for Windows 8 tablets, but works well on desktops as well.


The first step after you install is to sign in with your Google Reader so that the app can sync you subscriptions. You can scroll sideways for different folders in your subscriptions and the feeds under each folder. When you select any particular feed, you will be shown a split interface which allows you to read the feed items.


Good aspect of Flux is that it is available offline as well, so that even if you do not have an internet connection, you can still read them. It downloads only the strictly necessary data, so to save your data usage. There is also a snapped view available for the app.

Other features;

  • Filter any stream by all, unread or starred articles
  • Mark above/selected/all as read
  • Read articles in preview, mobilized or original version (by Readability or Instapaper)
  • 2-way sync with Google Reader, all secure communications with SSL

Overall, Flux is a very good free app for Windows 8 to catch up with all your subscriptions.

Download Flux