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Get Notified of Website Downtimes with Erlywarn


Get Notified of Website Downtimes with Erlywarn

There are many free and paid website monitoring services and these services gets you notified of any downtime through email or SMS. We had compared some of the best website monitoring services on this blog. Erlywarn is a new website monitoring service which checks you website for any downs. Erlywarn is an early warning system for your website. Add your URL and Erlywarn will regularly check in to your site to ensure everything is running smoothly.


The service monitors your site with HTTP(S) GET requests for just two things: slow downs and downtime. So next time when you website is slow or not responding or completely down, you get an email or SMS alert. The most interesting part of this service is its price. You can configure and monitor one website for a mere £1, which is the cheapest available.

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You can set the monitor time from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. The service supports a range of notification methods including email, SMS, and various push services to your mobile.


Although there are some feature missing in Erlywarn, the price of the service is the attraction.

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