Google has finally released the native Google+ app for iPad users. Previously the app was available only to Android and iPhone users and iPad users need to use the iPhone app with lower screen resolution. With the new release, Google has added a fresh UI which is optimized for tablet experience. Your stream styles content based on popularity, type and orientation.


The app has slick UI and easy to use as well. Now you can start a video chat with up to nine friends anywhere, anytime with Hangouts on iPhone and iPad. Turn on ringing notifications so your friends know to join the Hangout.

Google  for iPAd


Some of the features include;

  • Pinch and expand posts right in your stream to add your comments
  • Use two fingers to drag a post from your stream to easily re-share it
  • Start a Hangout from your iPad and stream it to your TV using AirPlay

Download Google+ for iPad