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Instagram Widget for Android- BlinxBox


Instagram Widget for Android- BlinxBox

Instagram is the most popular image sharing service available. Initially launched for iPhone, it was later launched for Android phones as well. You can quickly capture photos, apply filters and then share on your Twitter or Facebook. Although there is no web version of Instagram to view the feed, you can check out the third party alternatives. If you are using Instagram on your Android phone, here is an app (or rather a widget) which can bring the latest Instagram feed on your home page, without opening the app.

BlinxBox is a widget app for your Android phones which fetches your Instagram feed and displays it on home screen without opening the Instagram app.

BlinxBox BlinxBox_1

Once you install the app, you need to authorize it to access Instagram. You can add the widget to the home screen and it will fetch the feed from your Instagram account. You can like a photo or comment on it directly from the widget.

Comments Comments_1


  • Automatic updates of new photos, sent in real-time, directly to your home screen widget for instant viewing
  • Love and comment on Instagram and share photos to Facebook, directly from the Instagram Box
  • Get rich Instagram photos notifications, even when your screen is off

The app is currently in beta, so expect some bugs, but it is definitely useful for heavy Instagramers!

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