Airtel digital TV is an Indian direct broadcast satellite service provider owned and operated by Bharti Airtel. Its satellite service transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in India and as of 22 June 2012, Airtel has total 302 Channels and Services including 15 HD channels. Airtel Digital TV is quite popular in India. In case you are using a PC with a TV tuner card, you can configure this to work with PC. This set up can be done using Windows Media Center which is available in Windows 7. The advantage of using it with PC and Media center is that you do not have to buy recorder, you can record your favorite programs to hard disk using Media center.

When I purchased the Airtel Digital TV and tried to configure it first time, it was not able to detect the set top box (STB) and I couldn’t find any tutorials on configuring it as the set up is pretty confusing with technical terms for a non-tech user. Here is the simple step by step process to configure it. In the first step, open Windows Media Center and then select TV-> Live TV. You can also start from Settings-> TV.

Live TV


Under TV, select TV Signal and click Next.

TV signal

Media center will auto detect your region to India. Select Yes, and click next.


Enter the postal code in India, this does not matter much even if you give any value here.

Postal code

Accept the terms of service and click Next.


Media Center will now download the Set up data, wait for it to complete the download process.


In the signal type, select Cable and click Next.


Now this step is very important, here you shouldn’t select Yes, even though Airtel uses a STB. Select No and click Next.

Set top

TV Souce set up will be completed, now select No and then click Next.


To confirm click on Next once again.


Once this is complete, the Set up will scan for channels available. This might take some time, typically some 10-15 minutes or less.


In the box below you can see the list of channels found. There would be only one available, but don’t worry, we aren’t done yet.

channel found 1

Click on Finish and the set up is complete.


Now go back to main screen and select TV-> Live TV. Now Media Center will try to connect with the STB and you can see all the channels connected. You can use the DTH remote for controls.

Airtel DTH

Similar process can be done for other DTH providers like Tata Sky, Dish TV, Sun Direct etc.