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Send Text, Images, Videos from any Website with TextMe


Send Text, Images, Videos from any Website with TextMe

Found an interesting website or video or an image and want to share it with friends? Well there are many services (app based) which allows you to share content to mobile phones. TextMe is pretty new service which allows you to share content with your friends through an SMS. The service is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Opera and Safari. Once installed you can easily share contents to any mobile phone in India free of cost.

TextMe banner

Once you install the add-on or extension, you need to register with the service using your mobile phone. The service will send an SMS and you need to confirm your number using the confirmation code. Once you have set up the service, you can send any number of text message which contains text, images, videos, web pages etc.


You can use the service from the context menu by selecting any text, links or images.

Context menu

The SMS are received almost instantly and the service is pretty good with no ads in the message.

OnTextMe Home page

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