Nowadays rooting your Android phones and then installing custom ROMs have become really popular and in such cases an All-in-one app to do this job comes handy. All-in-One Toolkit is a freeware app for HTC One X, One S, myTouch 4G Slide, Amaze 4G, Rezound, and Vivid phones which allows you to easily and quickly perform a variety of tasks including rooting, installing a custom recovery, and flashing various development work ranging from ROMs to kernels.


The developer of the app is a member of popular XDA Developers forum. The app is compatible with multiple phones.

Some features of the app include;

  • Get Token ID.
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Install Recoveries
  • Interim Custom CWM
    • DoomRecovery Custom CWM
    • CWM (Touch)
    • Stock
  • Flash Kernels provided
    • Stock
  • Boot Into Recovery
  • Boot into Bootloader
  • Relock Bootloader
  • APK Batch Installer

If you have any of the mentioned phones, you can try this toolkit and for that head over to the respective forum to get started (links below).