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Google Reader Alternative- Good Noows


Google Reader Alternative- Good Noows

Google has rolled out a new update to the popular web based Google reader and this update brings in lot of changes including a new look and some features. Although the new look has more white space and is less cluttered, the interface is not well received by many users. Some of the existing features have been removed and also the position of some of the buttons has changed. Overall, the speed is also not the best. In case you are looking for an alternative service for Google reader, you can try out Good Noows. It is a free web based app which allows you to subscribe to your favourite feeds and read them online using a variety of layouts.

Good Noows

Good Noows has the option to import any external feed in OPML feed collection, so you can export all your Google reader items in OPML format and import them to Good Noows. One of the best features of Good Noows is the layout, there are so many different layouts to choose from and this can be set from the settings menu.

Topics and layout

You can also add any person’s Twitter stream inside the app as a feed. This means that whenever the person updates the status, it get reflected.

Twitter stream

Apart from these, the app also offers filtering of feeds based on any keyword and then saving the search as a label for future use. There is also option to translate feeds in other languages. The interface of Good Noows is particularly suited for large screens, you can also make the text size larger on smaller screens.

It also features options to read an article later and send it to Evernote or Instapaper or ReadItLater. Overall, Good Noows a nice web based reader and a good alternative to Google Reader.

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