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Create RSS Feeds and Email Alerts for any Webpage


Create RSS Feeds and Email Alerts for any Webpage

While most of the blogs and daily updated news sites offer RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication), some websites do not offer them and you need to open these sites to actually check if there is any new content available. FeedBeater is an useful online tool which allows users to create an RSS feed or an email alert for any webpage, even if the original site is not offering RSS feeds. With Feedbeater, you can stay upto date with the latest information in case the website is not offering feeds.


You have the option to subscribe to RSS feeds or create an email alert or even choose more settings with custom options .


Sometimes even though the contents of website does not change, the theme or any other settings changes, it might create an alert and in such cases, you can use the keyword and area filters available. Using keyword filter you can customize the alert for any keyword in the website and area filter allows you to select the area on the website which when changed alerts you. This will prevent alerts sent if there are any text change not related to content of interest.

Options for feedbeater

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FeedBeater is a nice service offering pretty good options to subscribe to any website even without feeds.

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