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Gmail Hacker Tool- New Form of Malware?


Gmail Hacker Tool- New Form of Malware?

A new tool called Gmail Hacker Pro is being circulated on the web as a free tool to hack any Gmail account. The tool is said to be a freeware, but the guys at GFI labs have found something interesting and shocking about this tool. Virus Total, the online scanner has found that the app could be a potential malware or spyware stealing your information. So in case you find any such tools, we request not to fall for such apps which can steal your information.


As per GFI, once you install the tool, it shows license agreement, stating that a toolbar will also be set up during the process. But the interesting thing is that there is no tool bar installed according to experts. It asks for your email address to hack and then shows a progress bar and once complete it shows a pop up where you need to get a licence key to recover the password.

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To get a key, you need to pay $30 through Clickbank website, but this is clearly a new scam to get money out of customers falling for the trap. we request our readers not to fall in for any such traps and in case you lost your Gmail password, Google provides you with many ways to recover it.

More details about this study available here.

IMG Credit: GFI Labs.

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    February 4, 2020 at 8:52 am

    Great pos, thank you so much.

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