We have previously covered the Lion Skin pack for Windows 7 which get you the look and feel of Mac on Windows. If you are a fan of Apple’s UI on iOS, you can now get the same look and feel on Windows with iOS Skin Pack. The pack will turn your Windows 7 into iOS with new wallpapers, cursors, docks, Windows Explorer and much more. The skin pack will patch your system files and modify them, so in case you are not confortable with this, please do not try it out. Apart from this, please do a system restore before you install the pack, in case of any issues you can always use the System restore.

iOS Skin pack

The skin pack also modifies the Windows boot loader.


Overall it does give you the look and feel of Apple’s iOS. We tried installing this pack on Windows 7 SP1 64 bit and was successful. Further we were able to uninstall this pack and restored it to normal Windows 7 without any issues as the pack itself backs up all the files it modifies.

Download iOS Skin Pack