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Desktop Gadget for Windows Battery Usage- Fat Battery

Windows 7

Desktop Gadget for Windows Battery Usage- Fat Battery

Sometimes when you are working on your laptop on battery charge, you often forget how much battery is remaining. Fat Battery is a nice desktop gadget for Windows 7 which shows the battery remaining on your laptop using some nice icons. There are 4 different icons to show the battery status and it alerts when you the battery power goes down below the set percentage.

FatBattery settings

Once the the app is installed, it runs from the system tray and you can change the style of battery power display. You can set the power alert percentage and also set the sound alert and blink the image.


When you click on the system tray icon, you can get the remaining power, time etc.



  • Monitor battery status
  • Desktop gadget
  • Sound and/or image alert on user-defined power level
  • Supports custom styles and sounds
  • Tray click for full power status report
  • Update-able
  • Portable

The app is portable and requires no installation. It works from the system tray and shows the battery status.


Download Fat Battery

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