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Network Stuff is an Advanced Network Management Tool


Network Stuff is an Advanced Network Management Tool

Network Stuff is a freeware app for Windows which comes with several network utilities to offer you a complete package for network and remote management. It includes four types of scans, DNS, WHOIS, IP Address, packets details, various statistics and WOL (Wake On LAN) capabilities just to name a few. Network administrators will be able to easily monitor and administer your local network and other network activities using this tool.

Network stuff

The interface is arranged into different tabs, but when you start a particular operation, it open in bottom section, which makes it a bit cluttered. But the application has tons of features which makes it useful for network administrators.

Network stuff_1

The tool includes:

  • TCP/UDP telnet
  • Ping/traceroute
  • DNS resolver
  • Whois
  • Arp
  • Stats and TCP/UDP/IP tables (iphelper functions)
  • TCP/UDP/ICMP/CGI multithreaded scan (TCP and CGI scan could be done throw HTTP or socks proxy)
  • Raw packet capture (multiple options including application name)
  • Raw packet forging
  • Wake on LAN and Remote Shutdown
  • Interactive TCP/UDP Transparent Proxy


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1 Comment

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