Today we have covered a new Windows 7 theme City Lights and now we have four more new themes in the Windows 7 theme gallery. Taiwan Sketches, Behind the Masks, Naruto Shippuden and Calligraphy are the new themes added by Microsoft to the personalization gallery. The Taiwan Sketches theme shows train stations, boat docks, road-side markets, and other scenes of everyday life in Taiwan are affectionately captured by artist Cheng Ling.

Taiwan theme

Download Taiwan Sketches

This theme brings in the witty and whimsical pen-and-ink drawings by artist Cheng Ling.

Behind the mask

Download Behind the Masks

Naruto Shipp?den theme for Windows 7 features a series of wallpapers from the movie Naruto Shipp?den 5: Blood Prison

Naruto theme

Download Naruto Shippuden

Calligraphy theme adds serenity and inspiration to your desktop.


Download Calligraphy

You can also check out the complete Windows 7 Theme gallery.