You might discover interesting content on websites you browse daily and some of them might be worth sharing. When you want to share particular text from a website, then you can try out BookmarkQ. BookmarkQ is a new free web service which creates easily shareable short URL that links directly to a quote on a Web page. You can simply select the text for sharing and then using the bookmarklet of the service and generate the short URL.


To use the service, drag the button (Bookmarklet) into the Bookmarks Toolbar which is available here. Now select the needed text, then click on the BookmarkQ button. Once it generates the text, you can see it shows a pop up with the short URL and also the sharing options.

You can share using your default email client, Gmail, to Twitter and Facebook.

The main purpose of the bookmarklet is to quickly share text directly from the browser without having to use an external short URL.

You can add the bookmarklet from here.