Do you think you are paying high price for your Internet services in your country? Internet costs and varies widely across different countries and if you think you are paying more for the speed to bandwidth offered, check this infographic which lets you compare the speed and cost across 20 countries. The chart shows that Japan has the highest speed of 61Mbps and pay only $0.27 per Mbps. In US the speed are 4.8Mbps and they pay around $3.33 per Mbps.

World Internet speed and cost

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Here in India, Internet speed (averages) are around 1.5Mbps, but the cost is really high when compared to other countries. SpeedTest has a detailed report on Internet download and upload speeds across the globe.

Speed 1

India stands at 141 in global speeds for download and in upload its at 106 (0.73 Mbps). Complete chart available here.