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Create an Android App of your Blog


Create an Android App of your Blog

Android is becoming very popular as a mobile platform and it makes sense to have a Android app for your blog in the Android market which will give more publicity to your blog. Moreover with the Android app, readers can easily view the content on their phones using feeds. is a new service which allows you to create an Android app out of your blog feed. You can completely customize the way the app will look once installed.

feed.nu_.beta_ is a service hosted on WordPress, you need to sign up and add your blog feed to the application. Once added, you can customize the logo, colors and other settings of the app.

Application settings

The appearance option allows you to customize the font colors, background, header images, buttons etc of the app. Once you have done with the customization, you can navigate the Android link and click on Generate APK button to generate your app.

Generate APK

Once generated, publish it to be available on the blog (your account with The application also does the versioning of the files and generates a QR code for download. You can download the apk file and then publish it on Android market.

You can add any number of feeds using the dashboard and generate the apk file.There is also provide to integrate your Google Adsense code into the Android app to start earning using the application.

More details available here.

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