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Merge Gmail, Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter Contacts in one Place


Merge Gmail, Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter Contacts in one Place

Most of us use multiple email accounts and also have account at all popular social networks. Now having address books or contact details in all these social sites and web email is always a big problem as they are not unified. AddressBookONE is a perfect solution to this problem as it unifies the contact details from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Exchange Server and also support coming for Yahoo and Windows Live.


You need to create an account with AddressBookONE and once done, you can add connections to your account.


There are both free version as well as paid option of the service. The free version allows you to add only 3 connections, maximum. The contacts management has pretty good options including merge contacts, create groups and also delete them.

Manage contacts

Since the connections are managed through authentication, you do not have to provide the username and password. Paid users also get the benefit of phone sync. It also has automatic updating to ensure that the most recent data is always available.

Manage contacts with AddressBookONE

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  1. Ankur Chauhan

    November 3, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    thats interesting share

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