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Application Virtualization made Easy with Cameyo


Application Virtualization made Easy with Cameyo

There are many free tools available for Windows, but not all are portable. You can make any non-portable application portable through virtualization. Cameyo is a freeware tool which lets you shrink all the files of a regular application in a single package that can be used portably on any Windows system you run it on. Cameyo lets you enclose any application in its own virtual environment and then create a package of your applications in portable mode.


Once installed, click on the capture installation to start creating a package. Cameyo first takes a capture of your system before you install the application. In the next step, install all your application which you want to make portable and then finally take another capture. Application virtualization technology packages entire applications into a single standalone executable, eliminating the need to install.

Cameyo also features an editor for the virtualized packages it creates. This allows you to load a virtualized program and check the data it contains, both files and the entries that are deployed in the registry of the host system.

Cameyo is a very good tool to make any application portable without having the need to install anything.

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