We have previously covered various free tools to change and rotate Windows 7 logon screen. Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker is another freeware tool which also allows you to change Windows 7 logon screen, but apart from this, it also allows you to customize and tweak the logon screen to suit your preferences. This simple tool does not require any installation and is completely portable. The tool is developed by Deviantart user.

Windows 7 logon tweaker

The tool is very useful with the tweaks it provides. You can change the logon information, sounds, text, add message, remove branding image and much more.

Tweaks for Logon Screen

At any time you can restore everything back to the default settings.


  • Change logon image
  • Change logon sound
  • Change logon button set
  • Change user account picture
  • Change user name
  • Remove logon text branding
  • Add logon information
  • Remove/Restore shutdownwithoutlogon
  • Remove/restore ease of access button
  • Add Logon Custom message/Text )
  • Change Logon Test Branding ( Starter to Ultimate )

Download Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker