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Free HTML5 Editor- Aloha Editor


Free HTML5 Editor- Aloha Editor

Aloha Editor is a free and open source advanced browser based HTML editor which let’s you experience a whole new way of editing. It’s faster than existing technologies and offers unprecedented functionalities. It is designed to be the easy to use, the fastest in editing and the best in its functions. You can edit any website content instantaneously. You see the changes the moment you type.

Aloha HTML Editor

You can check the developer’s wiki on how to use Aloha and also the implementation guide. Aloha Editor operates within the DOM of the front end website, so you get to see what you get when you do anything on it.

Features of Aloha HTML5 Editor;

  • It allows you to edit dynamic content live and in place.
  • No reload. No popup. No need to preview
  • The floating menu. A brand new lightweight context menu.
  • Insert the table with the size you want with just one click.
  • Editing and formatting text without Markup
  • Aloha Editor is designed to make your editing process faster.
  • No training necessary to edit content of a website

Aloha Editor

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