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How to Fix Joomla “Direct Access to This Location Is Not Allowed” Error


How to Fix Joomla “Direct Access to This Location Is Not Allowed” Error

After installing the latest version of Joomla (version 1.5), many webmasters might have faced this error “Direct Access to This Location Is Not Allowed”. This error might show up either at administrator dashboard or sometimes when opening the newly created website. This error might have occurred when you install a new template, plugin, module or a component on Joomla 1.5.

Direct access  to This Location Is Not Allowed

This error can happen when you have just changed your default template to another one or installed a new plugin. This error will happen even if you are logged in as administrator or a super administrator.

Cause of Error:

The main reason for this error is because of installation of templates, plugins, components and modules developed for older version of Joomla! 1.0.x and these are not compatible with the current version of Joomla! 1.5. This is because Joomla 1.5 has undergone major architecture change in coding and design. However, you can still use old templates, plugins and components on Joomla v1.5 provides a legacy mode that supports backward compatibility for older modules, components, plugins and templates which haven’t been updated for version 1.5.

How to Fix the Error:

To fix this error, you need to enable legacy mode for Joomla 1.5, so that previous version of plugins, templates and components are compatible with Joomla 1.5. To enable Legacy mode follow this simple tutorial.

How to Enable Legacy Mode in Joomla 1.5

Once you have enabled legacy mode, all plugins and templates should work perfect on your Joomla 1.5 installation.

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