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How to Format Sticky Notes in Windows 7

Windows 7

How to Format Sticky Notes in Windows 7

Sticky notes found in Windows 7 is a very helpful application to quickly take down notes and also to remind you of upcoming to do tasks etc. You can use Sticky Notes to write a to-do list, jot down a phone number, or do anything else that you’d use a pad of paper for. But the sticky notes application is very basic in Windows 7 with no direct option to format the added texts. There is only option to change the color of the sticky.

Sticky notes

If you want to do some text formatting on Sticky notes, you can use the keyboard shortcuts. Similar to MS Word, sticky notes also supports basic formatting using keyboard. Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts;

Formatting TypeKeyboard shortcut
Bulleted listCtrl+Shift+L (if you press this second time, it changes to numbered, third time lettered list lower case, fourth time lettered list upper case, fifth time roman letter etc)
Increase text sizeCtrl+Shift+>
Decrease text sizeCtrl+Shift+<

So next time you use Sticky notes, try out these keyboard shortcuts and format your notes.

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