Email are very much prone to attacks, so you need to be careful while logging into your email accounts. If you have sensitive information or documents in your webmail account, this could land you in serious trouble. If you are a Windows Live Hotmail user, here are some basic steps to make your email experience better and also to protect your email from attacks.

Windows Live

1. When logging to your Hotmail account, make sure that SSL encryption is enabled for your login page. To make SSL encryption for you login, click on the link below the sign in option which says “Enhanced Security”. This will make Hotmail sign in through SSL encryption.

Enhanced Security

Once you click the link, you can see the security enabled (https instead of http) in your web browser.

Secured Login

2. Another way to secure your account is to make a strong password and make the password to expire after 72 days. Changing your password frequently helps protect your account information. When your password has expired, you will receive a prompt requiring you to reset the password. You can set this option by opening this page after logging in.

Expire Password

Also make sure that you have a strong password every time you change it.

NB: We are starting a new series of articles on security and this is the first one. Watch out for more tips on email and web security.