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How to Add or Remove Index Locations in Windows 7

Windows 7

How to Add or Remove Index Locations in Windows 7

Windows 7 uses the index to perform very fast searches of the most common files on your computer. By default, all of the most common files on your computer are indexed. Indexed locations include all folders included in libraries,e?mail, and offline files. You can add or remove indexed locations from Windows 7. The easiest way to add something to the index is to include a folder in a library. When you do that, the content in that folder is automatically indexed.

Windows 7

If you want to add or remove locations manually, open control panel- > All Control Panel Items-> Indexing Options. When you open this, you can see the list of locations currently indexed.

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Indexed Locations

To change the locations, click Modify and this will open up the windows where in you can add or modify the locations. In case any location is missing in the list, you can click the button show all locations.

Index locations

You can check or uncheck the box against the locations to add or remove any particular location from indexing.

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