Aero Peek is a newly introduced feature in Windows 7. As the name indicates, you can peek into the desktop if you have lots of Windows open. With this feature, you can quickly have a look at the desktop without having to minimize any of the windows you were working with. What this feature does is to make all the active windows transparent so that a view of desktop is available. This article helps you on how to use Aero Peek, disable it if you don’t want the effects.

Aero Peak

To use Aero Peek and have a peek at the desktop, move the cursor to the extreme right corner of the task bar and keep the cursor on the small portion (you do not have to click, just hold the cursor). This shows a peek at the desktop as shown in the above picture. If you want to disable this feature, then right click on the taskbar and select properties. In the taskbar tab, uncheck the box against “Use Aero Peek to Preview desktop” and this will disable aero peek.

enable Aero Peak

Another feature of Aero Peek is the thumbnail previews. If you keep the cursor on the taskbar window, you can see thumbnail previews of the open window, and moving the cursor on the preview again shows the Aero peek feature, all the windows except the preview one are made transparent.

Aero Peak Thumbnails

You can see Aero Peek for thumbnail previews in action in the above image.